Sincere Apology from C CHANNEL Indonesia

Sincere Apology from C CHANNEL Indonesia

Dear Audience of C Channel,

On behalf of C CHANNEL INDONESIA, I extend our sincerest apologies for one of our contents “Pembuktian Sunscreen Rekomendasi C CHANNEL Fellas”.

We always committed to our best in providing factual information based on our research and study for our content to be enjoyed by C CHANNEL audience.

However, we admit that this aforementioned video was not conducted with proper procedures and research according to BPOM product test guideline. This leads to false information shared to our audience and therefore we have taken down the video to avoid any misconception on the content.

We will consistently continue to provide you with our content based on proven test guidelines from a brand and verified institution for the best and accurate content. Especially for skincare, we feel very responsible to provide the right information based on the right research as a media company.

Please accept our most sincere apologies and let this be our learning to make us a better C CHANNEL than what we were yesterday.

C CHANNEL Indonesia
CEO Yamato Sasagawa

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